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What is CNC aluminum alloy processing——Rongxu Precision hardware



        With the development of science and technology, the continuous progress of society, people's yearning for a better life, more and more products emerge and are favored by people. Aluminum alloy as a wide range of applications in the field of metal material, how to process into exquisite products has also attracted people's attention, and CNC processing is one of the important ways. Rongxu xiaobian take you to understand what is CNC aluminum alloy processing.

        We often say CNC processing, so this CNC refers to what? According to xiaobian to find information, CNC with more straightforward language is the computer digital control, through the computer programming to generate machine language (that is, the number), to control automatic machine tools. Many people think CNC is CNC machining center, this statement is not quite accurate, because CNC includes machining center, CNC car, CNC punch, CNC laser cutting machine and so on.

        A piece of wool, through engineers in strict accordance with the requirements of customer drawings to write procedures, through the machine using no model specifications of the tool processing molding. Appears to be relatively simple steps, but has a very stringent requirements, such as when the program is designed to carry on the processing, whether you need auxiliary fixture fixture for operation, using what gong this place does not have obvious knife knife, tolerance range conformed to the drawings requirements, etc., are all need to consider in the process of machining.

        Dongguan Rongxu Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in CNC aluminum alloy processing enterprises, 21 years of CNC processing experience, committed to intelligent products hardware shell, aluminum alloy frame, aluminum alloy panel, aluminum alloy parts and other products design and production customized services.

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