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Dongguan Rongxu Precision hardware Co., Ltd.

Rongxu Precision hardware was established in August 2015, committed to smart hardware shell CNC customization. 
Our predecessor is an honored precision mold processing factory founded in 1999, engaged in mold processing for 20 years, rich processing experience, excellence is our always pursuit. 
The transformation of the company in 2015, the use of existing rich experience in aluminum alloy hardware parts CNC manufacturing customization business, the company introduced a number of Taiwan processing centers, the use of advanced CAM software UG,MASTERCAM-assisted manufacturing, the whole process of computer control, accurate size, advanced technology, fast molding speed, saving a lot of time for goods to be put into the market. 
Our products include intelligent equipment aluminum alloy shell, panel, frame, industrial chassis and various precision aluminum alloy hardware parts.
  • 1999


    Founded in

  • 20


    Honorary qualification

  • 50


    Existing staff

  • 50


    Processing equipment

Rong Xu · Company strength

One-stop service to ensure the quality of each product

Rong Xu precision hardware, adhere to the hardware machining industry for 20 years, rigorous work, honest hospitality, strict quality control. Adhere to strictly according to the map processing, quality first strategy, urgent customers urgent, for the sake of customers, won the trust and recognition of customers. We serve customers from Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Yichang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities.

Customized hotline:0769-83716856

Rong Xu ·Company advantage

  • Profound strength

    Come to the drawing and sample can be customized, proofing strictly according to the drawing

  • Professional strong

    The company is equipped with more than 5 years of adjustment master, more than 10 years of programming master, and raw material manufacturers to maintain cooperation for many years.

  • Strong technology

    Years of mold and cnc experience, with advanced production equipment, and provide follow-up surface treatment services, including polishing wire drawing oxidation paint to ensure fast delivery.

Rong Xu · Enterprise culture

  • Enterprise goal

    Treat others in good faith and win-win cooperation

  • Quality policy

    Quality first, continuous improvement
    . Meet and exceed customer expectations

  • Service advantage

    With excellent quality and punctual delivery
    . Professional technical service to customers

  • Enterprise goal

    Rong Xu insists on processing strictly according to the drawing
    . Ensure the quality of each product

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